Original airdate August 19, 2018 on WPVM 103.7, Asheville, NC. Gospel Boogie is a secular exploration of the classic uptempo gospel music sounds of the 1940’s through the early 1970’s. Visit https://www.facebook.com/gospelboogie/ for more information.

Track List:

  1. Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Let's Talk About Jesus
  2. The Gospel Valley Boys - Too Late To Pray
  3. Swanee River Boys - Not Necessarily
  4. Supreme Angels - Run To The Rock
  5. Wayne Raney & The Raney Family - The Shackledee Ole Ladder
  6. The Oak Ridge Qt. - Tearing Down The Kingdoms
  7. Brooklyn All Star Singers - A Prayer For Today
  8. Valley Ramblers - Little White Church
  9. The Harmoneers Qt. - I Want To Know More About My Lord
  10. The Skylarks - Jesus Prayed Every Step Of The Way
  11. Homeland Harmony Qt. - Take A Moment And Live
  12. The Bibletone Jubileers - Old Job
  13. The Red Teague Trio - Life's Railway To Heaven
  14. The Carolinians - I'm Too Near Home
  15. Golden Gate Qt. - He Never Said A Mumblin' Word
  16. Molly O'Day - When My Time Comes To Go
  17. The Florida Boys - What A Morning
  18. The Christian Troubadours - Eighteen Inches From Salvation
  19. Dixie Humming Birds - Live Right, Die Right
  20. The Statesmen Qt. - I'm Climbing Higher and Higher (And I Won't Come Down)
  21. Lonesome Pine Fiddlers - Heaven's Doors Are Closed
  22. The Trumpeteers - Gideon And The Sword
  23. Couriers Qt. - When He Set Me Free
  24. The Happy Land Gospel Singers - Keep on Walking
  25. Pilgrim Jubilee Singers - John Behold Thy Mother
  26. The Gospel Mariners - I'm Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs
  27. Jim & Jennie Hall - It's Too Late
  28. Golden Gate Qt. - Toll The Bell Easy
  29. The Church Of God Qt. - If Heaven's Any Better
  30. The Bailes Brothers - I'll Run All The Way
  31. The Prophets Qt. - I Can Call Jesus Anytime
  32. The Looper Trio - Sunshine Mountain
  33. The Four Internes - Its All Right Now
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