Original airdate July 8, 2018 on WPVM 103.7, Asheville, NC. Gospel Boogie is a secular exploration of the classic uptempo gospel music sounds of the 1940’s through the early 1970’s. Visit https://www.facebook.com/gospelboogie/ for more information.

Track List:


  1. The Parker Family - Sinner's Warning
  2. Swan Silvertones - He Won't Deny Me [Take 1][Alternate Take]
  3. Blackwood Brothers Qt. - O, My Heart Is Still Rejoicing
  4. The Travelers Trio - I'm Taking My Audition To Sing Up In The Sky
  5. Golden Gate Qt. - How Did You Feel
  6. Deep South Qt. - Jesus Knows All About Me
  7. Chuck Wagon Gang - I'm Glory Bound
  8. Kyle and Walter Bailes - Whiskey Is The Devil
  9. Prof. J. Earl Hines - Daniel
  10. Homeland Harmony Qt. - Wait Upon The Lord
  11. Naomi - We Better Pray
  12. Victory Five - Dry Bones
  13. Deacon Utley and the Smile A While Quartet - That Will Be A Happy Meeting
  14. Gene and Darrell Smith - Wait A Little Longer
  15. Original Gospel Harmonettes - He's Calling Me
  16. Statesmen Qt. -            Our Debts Will Be Paid
  17. James Beaver and The Shining Light Qt. - Brother I'll Understand It In The By And By
  18. Harmoneers Qt. - When I Got Saved
  19. The Trumpeteers - Lord, I Wish I Had Heard You
  20. Don & Earl - There's Bound To Come A Change
  21. The Oak Ridge Qt. - I'll Be Satisfied
  22. The Jubalaires - Little David Play On Your Harp
  23. Carl Story - God Put A Rainbow In The Clouds
  24. Blackwood Brothers Qt. - Something Old, Something New
  25. Edna Gallmon Cooke - Nobody But You Lord
  26. The Taylor Brothers - I'll Never Die
  27. Melody Boys Qt. - Everybody Will Be Happy
  28. Golden Gate Qt. - Time's Winding Up
  29. Herman Croucher - Walk And Talk With Jesus
  30. Homeland Harmony Qt. - I've Got That Old Time Religion In My Heart
  31. Harmony Kings of WTND - I'm a Pilgrim
  32. Cliff Carlisle - Shine, Shine On Me
  33. Statesmen Qt. - I Just Can't Make It By Myself
  34. J.D. Jarvis - Life's Weary Road
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