The music you will hear in each episode of Gospel Boogie is an exploration of the uptempo gospel sounds as found within my record collection. I focus on the early post-war years, 1945-1965. Most of the time, when this music is presented, its various forms are segregated. Here at Gospel Boogie, that will not be the case. I will play backwoods country gospel, bluegrass gospel, black gospel and white gospel quartets…..side by side, toe to toe. It is all the same as far as I am concerned. There was much cross-pollination between the styles back when these records were new and my shows will aspire to live up to that standard. The shows will not be a total exploration of all gospel music from the time. It is what I like. If I do not like the song, it will not be presented. I welcome any comments and hope that as you listen, you will come across something new and refreshing. The performances you will hear on these shows are...for all intents and purposes, gone from this world. But thankfully, the number of gospel records from the period feels endless. Thank goodness for that!

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